Q1:How can I find out more about exhibitors?

A1:Please visit "Exhibitors & Exhibits Database" to search information on exhibitors & exhibits. The 2018 version will be up around early August, 2018. Check the previous "Exhibitors & Exhibits Database" for your reference.
»Previous Exhibitors & Exhibits Database

Q2:How do I get Floor Map before the show?

A2:Floor Map will be up on website about two weeks before the show.

Q3:How can I apply for Technical Conference?

"Conference " page is up around 2 months before the show. Please visit the conference page and apply for seminars after the page is up.

Q4:How can I cancel my application for Conference?

A4:Cancellation or change of sessions will not be accepted after completing the application. If the applicant will not be able to attend, please have another personnel attend instead.

Q5:How much is the admission fee for the show?

A5: Admission Fee: FREE of charge for those with an exhibition ticket
(To receive a ticket for free, click here.)

*JPY 5,000/person will be charged without a ticket.
*This exhibition is primarily open to trade, therefore those under the age of 18 are not permitted to enter.

Q6:How can I apply for an Exhibition Ticket?

A6:To apply for an Exhibition Ticket, visit the following website and complete the form.
»Click Here

Q7:Can I enter concurrent shows as well?

A7:If you have one of the Exhibition Tickets of the shows, you can enter all shows for free.

Q8:Can I visit the show with children?

A8:Since this is BtoB trade show, those under 18 years old are not allowed to enter the show.

Q9:Is a Visa necessary to enter Japan?

A9:Necessity for a Visa varies by nationality of the visitors. For details, please refer to the "Guide to Japanese Visas" in website of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

Q10:How do I get to the venue?

A10:Please see the access page.
»Access Page

Q11:Are there any hotels near the venue?

A11: Yes. Plenty of hotels are located near venue and online application for the hotels are available. The site will be open around 2months before the show at this website.

Q12:Is there any restaurant at the venue?

A12:There are several restaurants at INTEX OSAKA. Please visit following website for details.

Q13:Are copy/fax machines available at the venue?

A13:Copy/fax machines are available at the Business Center. Visit the following website to find its location.

Q14:Where are coin lockers located in the venue?

A14:Please visit the following website for details.

Q15:Can I take pictures at the venue?

A15:Recording and photography is strictly prohibited at exhibition halls and seminar rooms other than authorized press personnel. For requesting the press badge, please contact us via e-mail:

Q16:How can I get a press badge?

A16:For requesting a press badge, please contact us via email:

For any enquiries, Please contact

Organiser: Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.
18F Shinjuku-Nomura Bldg.,1-26-2 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-0570, Japan
TEL: +81-3-3349-8506 FAX: +81-3-3349-8500