Extensive Support Services

Massive visitor promotion
Invitation tickets & VIP invitation tickets
For 2017 show, Show Management distributed about 635,000 invitation tickets & VIP invitation tickets to the market.
E-mail blast
A series of e-mail promotion is conducted to the huge
database of over 700,000 industry professionals.
Official web & Exhibitors directory
Exhibitors are provided with an excellent opportunity to publicise
their products online.
Media coverage
55 press people from major media in the world attended 2017 show.
International exhibitor guidebook (expected)

To help you promote your company directly to the visitors, Guidebook with only international exhibitors' information will be sent to the professionals below before the show and be provided free of charge for the visitors during the show. This is a very useful material for the onsite business meeting.

To be sent to

Professionals who especially have
strong interests in international products
from Japanese major automotive,
electronics, heavy industry,
trading companies/distributors, etc.

Other services
VISA support services
Show Management supports and prepares invitation letters for exhibitors if exhibitors need VISA to
come to Japan.
Exhibit consulting services
Show Management discusses and considers the best way of exhibiting with each exhibitor from
when exhibitors start preparation and during the show.
Constructors, interpreter/translation companies,
freight forwarders introduction services

If you don’t have any relationship with Japanese constructors, interpreter/translation companies,
freight forwarders, just contact Show Management.

If you are interested in exhibiting or want to get more information
about the show, contact our sales manager for your region!

  • Masaki Hatabe (Mr.)
    (EU, USA, Korea, Asia regions)
  • Tao Li (Mr.)
  • Kenichi Matsumoto (Mr.)
    (Taiwan, All other regions)